​Gästbloggare Barbara: The biggest adventure

Skrevs den 5 juli 2022

Last week marked not only the end of my first 3 weeks at Pontuz Löfgren AB, but also a year since I embarked on the biggest adventure of my life and moved to Sweden. What a journey it has been (and still is)!

If someone told me a few years ago that I would be living in Sweden, have a dream job and an amazing life I wouldn’t believe it’s even remotely possible. But hey, here I am! This taught me that nothing is impossible and the only thing that is stopping me from living my dreams is giving it a shot.

So, let me finally introduce myself: my name is Barbara, I’m 25 years old and I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. My family is though Polish, so after few years we moved back to Warsaw and that’s where most of my childhood memories begin. I am a very creative person, in my spare time (that I don’t really have much of…) I enjoy painting with watercolours and gauche, photography and video making. So, it won’t be any surprise if I tell you that I joined Pontuz Löfgren AB family as a photographer & filmmaker. I enjoy every second of it and hands down, it’s the most enjoyable and rewarding job I’ve ever had.

Before moving here I’ve been visiting Kalmar on many occasions for 3 years. But this year I finally got to celebrate my first Midsommar. Not only was the weather beautiful but I also had a chance to meet my Swedish friends that I haven’t seen in over a year. We gathered all together in a summer house in Löckna, by the lake Bolmen. But jokes on me, when I looked at the map it seemed like it was very close to Växjö, so you can imagine my shock when we were all packed in the car ready to go and google maps said the journey will take 3 hours instead of 1,5 that I imaged it will take! During 3 days that we spent there we danced, ate, swam in the lake and sunbathed all together in the most peaceful and beautiful place. Last hours of the long weekend me and my boyfriend spent in Halmstad, where he was showing me around places from his childhood and teenage years.

I came back with recharged batteries and energy for the next adventures that await me here in Kalmar. Can’t wait to see what challenges next week will bring!

Barbara Stodolskas namnsignatur